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2018 Rider Advancements

250B moving to 250A

> Jimmy Kornelson
> Jonathan Neniska
> Chase Fardoe
> Cameron Toole
> Tyler Penner 

450B to 450A

> Tyler Groening

250C to 250B

> Damian Rogers
> Declan Cosgrove
> Jagger Thiessen
> Kelby Minshull
> Riley Smith
> Alwin Hiebert
> Josh Lugossy
> Ryan Adrian
> Nolan Martens
> Andrew Lepp
> Colton Mitchell
> Kieran McCullagh
> Dustin Scheibler 

450C to 450B

> Tyris Felix
> Anna Laliberte
> Brendan Muzyka
> Michael Wilkie
> Arvid Neufeld 

Plus 40B to Plus 40A

> Greg Wiebe
> Marvin Ferriss
> Calvin Kotowich 

Vet Junior to vet master

> Mike Larter

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2017 Memberships Now Open

Previous years numbers will be reserved until March 15th,
no exceptions after deadline.



Engine displacement: 
minimum 85cc 2-stroke, maximum 150cc 2-stroke, and 150cc 4-stroke only
Tire size: Minimum 19” front wheel and 16” rear wheel for all bikes (Big wheels)

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2015 Class Revisions

Important changes and updates for the 2015 racing season


The Manitoba Motocross Association is pleased to be working with Walton Raceway to bring Amateur National Qualifiers (ANQ’s) back to Manitoba. Three ANQ’s will be held at MMA races this year as follows:

May 24 at McNabb Valley MX, Minnedosa
May 31 at GMX, Grunthal
June 21 at Farm Boys Raceways, Brandon

For more information on the Parts Canada TransCan Grand National Championship please visit their website at

FXR / Triton Trailers / Millenium Trailers
2015 MMA Race Series

For the purposes of calculating race series champions for 2015, the best 11 results of the 14 races will be used.

Class Changes

For 2015 the Plus 40 class will be run as one class only (A and B have been combined).
There will be a new Plus 25 class added to the schedule. This class will be run at the same time as the Plus 40 class.

Transponder Returns

We continue to have a number of transponders that are not returned after each race. If you do not return your transponder at the end of race day it is your responsibility to return it to the Race Administrator prior to the next race otherwise penalties such as a backwards start may be applied.

For those that are purchasing day memberships, a $50 deposit will be required for each use of a MMA transponder. This deposit will be refunded upon return of the transponder to the MMA trailer at the end of the race day.

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