Simpson Eject Helmet Removal System

XTREME MEDICS is proud to announce that they now have SIMPSON Eject Kits.

A Message from the Xtreme Medic Team:

We are bringing in the Eject Ambulance/Track Kit, so regardless of if your helmet has the system, we can use a bladder system that slides in between the forehead and the helmet, also most helmets with the installed system do not include the inflation bulb so now we can use our system to remove their helmets. This system is mandatory in the AMA and we are the first motocross specific medics to have the system in Canada! 

You can also buy a install kit for any helmet for under $100! I would encourage all athletes to look into this system and purchase it! You can purchase these kits from any Simpson dealer, including Capitol Motosports.  

Following a serious crash one of the major issues faced is removing the helmet without causing further trauma to the neck and cervical spine possibly causing further serious debilitating and permanent damage.

Researched and manufactured by Shock Doctor, the Eject Helmet Removal System was designed to assist in the removal of your helmet by using an air bag to push the helmet of your head after the upper spine has been immobilized.

The Eject System is installed in your helmet and forgotten unless needed due to an accident that threatens your spinal cord.  The airbag is manually inflated by the onsite Emergency Medical Team who attaches the inflator bulb to the valve hanging out of the back of your helmet, and this gently pushes the helmet off.  Because the airbag is pushing off from the top of the head the chance of further injury is drastically reduced.

The Eject Helmet Removal System is small and lightweight and will not alter the fit and feel of you helmet but helps prevent further neck and spine injuries for crash victims.

We highly recommend our members to look into the Eject Helmet Removal System and make this purchase! 

Posted on May 18, 2018 .