2018 Season Announcements

2018 Membership

We are excited to announce that the 2018 membership registration is now open! 

We will reserve race numbers from the previous year until March 10th, following that date the number will be available to all riders in your designated class - no exceptions.

Register online or print out your membership form and waiver to mail in.  All information needed can be found at www.mbmotox.com/memberships

Rider Advancements

A list of rider class advancements has been released for the following classes:

  • 250B moving up to 250A
  • 250C moving up to 250B
  • 450B moving up to 450A
  • 450C moving up to 450B
  • Plus40B moving up to Plus40A
  • Vet Junior moving up to Vet Master

Rule Book Updates

MB Schoolboy is now 125 Transition

  • Minimum 100cc 2-stroke and maximum 150cc 2-stroke, and 150cc 4-stroke
  • Big Wheels ONLY - 16" rear, 19" front 
  • 12-18 years old
  • 85cc 12-16 riders are NOT eligible for this class
  • Any rider wanting to race in the 125 transition class who has raced a previous season on a 150cc 4-stroke will be permitted to race in the 125 transition class on a 250cc 4-stroke.


  • Little ladies maximum age is 13 years.
  • Ladies minimum age is 14 years.


  • Minimum age is now 25 years (changed from 30, to accommodate loss of +25 class)
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2018 Rider Advancements

250B moving to 250A

> Jimmy Kornelson
> Jonathan Neniska
> Chase Fardoe
> Cameron Toole
> Tyler Penner 

450B to 450A

> Tyler Groening

250C to 250B

> Damian Rogers
> Declan Cosgrove
> Jagger Thiessen
> Kelby Minshull
> Riley Smith
> Alwin Hiebert
> Josh Lugossy
> Ryan Adrian
> Nolan Martens
> Andrew Lepp
> Colton Mitchell
> Kieran McCullagh
> Dustin Scheibler 

450C to 450B

> Tyris Felix
> Anna Laliberte
> Brendan Muzyka
> Michael Wilkie
> Arvid Neufeld 

Plus 40B to Plus 40A

> Greg Wiebe
> Marvin Ferriss
> Calvin Kotowich 

Vet Junior to vet master

> Mike Larter

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Celebration of Life

It is with saddened hearts that we share the news of our fellow moto brother, Harold Hildebrand's passing. Harold's family invite you to celebrate his life this Sunday, February 11th at the Winkler Mennonite Brethren Church. Harold, enjoy that heavenly track up there and peace be with your family.

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FPC MotoX Training Program

frederickson performance centre

Start up date: February 3rd, 2018 but registration deadline is February 8th, 2018

Cost $180

Contact: Frederickson Performance Centre204-726-9314

Drop in's are welcome but please notify FPC ahead of time.
All ages are welcome!

Motox Training program is specific to motoX athletes, it conditions the athletes for the upcoming season by increasing stamina, power and muscular endurance. It focuses on preparing the athlete for optimal performance going into the long MotoX season on the track. 

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