I forgot to return my Transponder, what do i do?

Please send it back to us ASAP - we need to get it charged for the next race!

please mail priority post immediately to:

MMA Returns
RR1 Box 317 Grp 24
Winkler, MB
R6W 4A1

I don’t have a membership number, how do i preregister?

No worries! In order to receive the discounted class prices you must preregister. If you don’t have a membership number please enter ‘DAY’ in the membership field on the preregistration form. You can completed the paperwork and pay for the day membership at the track, or you can print off membership forms and bring them to the track and cut down the time you will be waiting in line.

I forgot my membership number, how do i preregister?

In the membership field please write ‘FORGOT’, we will look it up for you and verify your membership number. You can also email manitobamotocross@gmail.com and we can email you your membership number so you have it handy for next time!