2019 MMA Rider clinics


May 4   -  Grunthal MX

May 19  - Pilot Mound

  • Clinic Fee - $40 per rider

  • Valid MMA Membership required

  • Single day memberships will be available day of ($35 fee)
    The purchase of 3 day memberships will qualify you for a full membership.

  • Minors, indicate if a parent /guardian will be in attendance.
    If not a signed parental waiver must accompany the minor in order to sign in.

  • Xtreme Sports Medics will be in attendance for these clinics.
    Parents and friends are encouraged to attend to assist with flagging duties.

A suggested list of items to bring

Food & snacks  |  Water

Shin guards/Knee braces
Chest Protector
Neck Brace
Clothing with exposed hoods are prohibited on the track.

Bike stand or triangle
Various socket wrenches
Chain lube
Zip ties
Duck tape
Extra levers (clutch/break)
Extra tire tube

For those riders using bikes with mounted kickstands, these must be removed or securely fastened in the upright position at all times while on the track.
Clothing with exposed hoods are prohibited on the track.


Clinic Schedule

8:00am- 9:00am      Registration / sign in
9:00am -9:30am      Rider meeting
9:30am-12:30pm      Clinic
12:30pm-1:30pm      Lunch (PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH)
1:30pm-4:00pm        Clinic 


If you are requiring a day membership you can print off the membership form and appropriate (adult or minor) waiver or fill in at the trailer.